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You can visit the official site of the city of Farmington Hills for more maps of the area including:

  • Family & Home Day Cares Map
  • An Interactive City Parks Map
  • Voting Districts Map
  • Land Records Map

Location of Farmington Ridge in relation to area parks & freeways:

Farmington Ridge is located north of 13 Mile between Haggerty and Halsted in the northwest corner of Farmington Hills.

Lot numbers within Subdivisions (Farmington Ridge, Farmington Grove, Farmington Glens):

Walking/Biking Paths
Our commons include almost a mile of asphalt paths. They connect our nine parks, three ponds, and adjacent developments. Note that motorized vehicles are not permitted on any of these walkways. When using any of the paths, please respect the private property of the adjoining homeowners. We do kindly ask that you do not ride bicycles across lawns or through flowerbeds.
Historical Map from 1940
Below is an aerial view of the area where Farmington Ridge & Country Ridge now stand.